The retailing world is undergoing a fundamental change, becoming from optimal display to a more interactive and fun experience, with more and more e-commerce shops setting up shops offline. The majority of the overall retail sales still takes place offline. Traditional brick-and-mortar shops and Main Street, as well as the new e-commerce market entrants, must continue to elevate the customer experience to make the in-store experience even more compelling.


We provide a range of services, from initial concept design to technical development, manufacturing and installation. Our core capabilities are:

  • quantity surveying
  • project management
  • building surveying
  • health & safety compliances
  • other engineering & design-related disciplines


MGM was created in 1999 in Milan. We built up experience, both nationally and internationally, in store concept retail design, housing design, refurbishment and restoration including heritage buildings, local authorities’ applications, interior and industrial design. Our core business is retail (about 80% of turnover). In the retail environment, we work primarily on the Italian and French territory and have also worked in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Malta.

What we do is various international brands interior design projects management, from Italy to France and Switzerland etc.

Since the day we hand on the projects from multi-brand, we start to manage this project for brands. From site to drawings and every party of communications.

Make sure each project are running well and get well done in the end.

As a retail design-driven studio specialized in the retail consultancy and project management services, we provide a range of services from initial concept design through to technical development, manufacturing, and installation. As a studio seeking for performance excellence and innovative solutions, we help companies to develop and realize their retail concept considering the last market trends, on-field opportunities and local authority requirements.

Our core services include:

  • Quantity surveying
  • Project management
  • Building surveying
  • Health & safety compliances
  • Other engineering & design-related disciplines